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  • 47 new copper/brass radiator styles
  • 7 new all metal surge tank styles
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HEAVY DUTY cooling components

  • Radiators
  • Serck Heavy Duty is specialized in the design and production of high-grade radiators for many different applications.

  • Radiator cores
  • Engineering the highest quality & widest range of heavy duty cooling cores for on & off-road equipment.

  • Charge Air Coolers
  • Serck Heavy Duty is your destination for a wide range of qualitatively high-grade air cooler for on road and off road equipment.

  • AC Components
  • From condensers, compressors, and dryers to evaporators, coolant oil, and other ac system parts; in Serck Heavy Duty’s range you will find more than 400 different products of original manufacturer quality.

  • fan shrouds
  • Fiberglass and plastic mold injection fan shrouds for a wide range of applications.

  • Coolant Tubes
  • Serck Heavy Duty carries stainless steel and carbon steel structures with over 600 items manufactured to original equipment specification.

  • surge tanks
  • Water reservoirs reverse engineered with superior quality. All metal replacements along with plastic originals are available for multiple applications.

  • Hose / Grommets / gasket
  • Carrying a complete line of silicone coolant hose for your radiator, charge air cooler, and heater hose along with vibration grommets / isolators available for your radiator, charge air cooler, and ac condenser; along with a high quality cork neoprene preformed gaskets.

  • radiator Tanks and rails
  • Complete steel tank and bracket assembly kits along with individual radiator replacement parts ranging from side frame rails, washer bars, to top and bottom tanks.

  • agricultural Radiators
  • Robust flat fin core designs covering the most common model ranges in the US.

  • oil coolers
  • High burst pressure tested internal & external oil coolers.